MMBox Overview

The Multimedia Mailbox (MMBox) is a Web-based mailbox messaging service that enables you to easily view and manage email and multimedia messages from a single location.

You can access the MMBox from a standard Web browser, as well as view, listen to, organize messages, and customize the MMBox interface and messaging account settings. If you do not have an MMS-enabled handset or access to the mailbox, you can view the multimedia messages you receive by clicking the link to the MMBox URL displayed on your handset. Occasional users (typically legacy users who are not provisioned or nonsubscribers to a messaging service) can also view messages through guest access with a one-time password. For more information, see MMBox Access.

The MMBox provides you with the standard functionality of any mailbox such as message compose, organization, search, and account customization (see The MMBox Interface). The Inbox shows all email and multimedia messages you receive. You can then reply to, forward, and compose your own multimedia messages by including images, audio, and video multimedia elements, or by using ready-made templates. You can save multimedia elements in the multimedia album provided by your service provider (Public Album), or in your personal album (Private Album), and find any multimedia element using the Search functionality.

The functionality available in your version of the MMBox depends on the configuration defined by your service provider.